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"After a year of mentoring my story is a story of positiveness and success from my point of view. I am very different from my mentor, a strong, powerful, talented, smart, and kind businesswoman with a very remarkable position in my sector, Intellectual Property. Despite the dissimilarities, I work in corporate procurement in a non-management position, both of us have forged a strong and meaningful mentor-mentee relationship based on trust and professionalism, common 1-to-1 one hour learning sessions, where we shared goals, thoughts, and opinions. I have a fervent desire to become the best at what I do and that means learning from my mentor whom I admire, but also means that my mentor learned from me. This 1-to-1 dialogue benefited both mentor and mentee and included discussions about our differences and communication styles. I had special interest in becoming better in my oratorial and communication skills. I wanted to learn from a true leader who could help me bring out my best in a challenging and changing environment, and I think she just did that.

She taught me to overcome emotions, to embrace conflict and work calmly to present my point of view in meetings with confidence and clarity.  I was born in Madrid, Spain, in a culture that taught me what the position of a woman should be, asking permission for being successful, feeling guilty for my engagement with my work. I am now a woman that doesn't ask permission to express her opinion. I am fortunate to work in a Spanish company with a high percentage of women in higher positions. I’m excited to take advantage of every opportunity and I do not feel sorry, because I believe I deserve it.

For me this mentoring sessions once a month for a year, were about learning from best practices, as well as to model career development. It is important in this global world to understand cross-cultural dialogue, to set up goals, scheduled meetings, connect, work together and allowing myself to being oriented by my mentor. This ensured a value-added experience, where both contribute to the compromise of our mentoring contract. We did sign a contract and non-disclosure agreement prior to start our sessions with the blessings of my company and they were very pleased and supportive of the idea.

I would highly recommend everyone to engage in a mentor-mentee program and if you do not have it in your company, do not hesitate to look outside and find the best option for you. What I know for sure, is that if I were not in this relationship with my mentor, I do not believe I’d be where I am today."

Patricia Trigueros, Madrid, March 3, 2021 

"I had the opportunity to take a monthly mentorship programme for the duration of six sessions with Myrtha Hurtado Rivas across 2020-2021. At the beginning of the programme, I have proposed three objectives that I desired to achieve with the mentoring support and we then defined them together and identified the areas to work on. Her initial feedback on how to assess expectations has been very useful and helpful. Myrtha has been very dedicated to listen and provide guidance, always available to share her professional and personal experience, advice, and  resources that could help me address the areas to improve for my professional and personal growth both on how to relate with colleagues and managers, and in external engagement. She always shared her view with constructive advice and assessments aimed at driving the sessions to also stimulate me to work on myself in my daily duties and in this way helped build a relationship of mutual trust over the sessions. We discussed practical examples of situations in which I could apply what I learned or discussed during the mentorship sessions and how to gain more confidence in dealing with challenges. 
The peculiar situation of  the global pandemic which occurred during the duration of the programme may have resulted in reasonably diluting the schedule of our sessions, but I completed the six sessions with a better understanding of myself, more motivation in my profession, having received guidance and positive role modeling

Professional in the IP advocacy field with over a decade of experience in the Asia Pacific region, April 12, 2021