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Episode 1 in Spanish: Marco Miguel Paz Rivas, Comunicador, especialista en marketing y gestión de empresas. Licenciado en Periodismo, postgrados en Marketing y Negocios y en Comunicación. Diplomados en Comunicación Corporativa, Capacitación y Educación, Marketing Educativo y Planeamiento Estratégico. Gerente General de INFOBIZ SAC, Director del Catálogo de Mineria, Asesoría especializada empresas públicas, privadas y en campañas políticas. 

Episode 2: Wibke Wichert - I was born and raised in the Ruhr area in Germany and live in Alsace, a region in the Eastern part of France, for nearly half of my life now. Together with my partner and our daughter, a German French “co-production” we live in this beautiful region, the so-called Dreiländereck, and enjoy crossing the French-German and the French-Swiss border to discover nature, local food, wine and culture in the different areas of the Rhine Valley. In the near past, running was one of my favorite hobbies and my long term goal is to run a second marathon in my life. My work in a multinational company is very interesting and challenging. In my free time I try to reenergize and disconnect as much as possible. I like reading, especially all kind of thrillers, hiking with my family in the near mountains (les Vosges) and spending time with friends. 


Episode 3: Verónica Rodriguez Arguijo is an International Legal Counsel. She was born and raised in Mexico. Following her passion for IP Law and new technologies, she has studied and worked in different countries. Verónica spends her free time writing, reading, travelling, doing yoga and cooking Mexican food. 


Episode 4: Dean Pelletier - I am the youngest of 7 kids. So, 7 of 7. At an early age, I learned to share and, more importantly, to eat fast.  One of my 6 siblings is my twin sister. My twin sister and I used to wear coordinated outfits, though not by choice and thankfully not after the age of 5. While substance is what matters most, one lesson of that coordination still rings true: your style can reflect a part of you. I am an intellectual property (IP) attorney. I have served every role on litigation and trial teams, from bottom to top. Thankfully, I have been mentored and taught by some fantastic attorneys, and I have tried to return the favor. I believe that IP is an economic driver, and that lawyers can play a positive role in society. I graduated from and am proud to be associated with St. Peter-Marian Central Catholic High School (Worcester, MA), Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and Washington University School of Law (St. Louis, MO). I have lived in Chicago, IL for the past 25 years, but Massachusetts is and always will be home. My hometown, Webster, MA, is a small town where multiple textile and shoe mills used to operate.  My siblings and I worked in those mills during summers to pay for college. Working out has always been a passion. Sound body, sound mind. Yoga (through my Mom’s and other sister’s encouragement), yoga sculpt and group fitness classes are current staples. With additional time at home over the past several months, I have tried to re-learn what little French I used to know and go beyond that. Finally, red over white and the name on the front of the jersey over the name on the back of the jersey.  


Episode 5: Ricardo Fischer - "I am the youngest of 3 water polo loving tough boys . Since the beginning, growing up in Caracas , Venezuela , there was the need to stand up for myself , either with words or with fist !, so becoming a lawyer seemed as an easy and logical transition to those skills . The proud father of two girls and a boy (here pictured at home in Potomac , Maryland with Diana , our eldest and Chance , our most recent family member) I am passionate about family , people and long lasting friendships. As a corporate and IP attorney , I love serving my clients and diving deep into legal theories and origins , after all , the legal system is best manifestation of the evolution of the human being."


Episode 6: Allan Jarry - “I am a dreamer and a “pusher”. Helping startups and companies to grow and create opportunities to their employees, is one strong driver, that moves me. I am the founder and managing partner of JarryIP (and IP boutique law firm in Chile), activity which lead me to become an active member in the VC industry and Internet based Startups investments, acting as a mentor of young entrepreneurs, helping them protect and grow their ideas through DadNeos Seed Fund.

Married and proud father of five children, I try to cherish every moment as I navigate their lives, where sports are a key factor to mental health; mountain biking helps me maintain a sharp mind and controls my weight as I love Chilean BBQ.    


Episode 7: Maysa Razavi is the Anticounterfeiting Manager at International Trademark Association. She has been a part of INTA for eight years leading the Association’s global anticounterfeiting efforts. She works closely with a large committee of over 300 anticounterfeiting professionals on INTA’s policy, government engagement, education, and resources on the topic. She also supports INTA’s advocacy endeavors through amicus curiae intervention with the Courts.  Ms. Razavi graduated cum laude from New York Law School and studied dramatic writing at New York University. She loves stories of all kinds- whether reading them in books, telling them to her children, or hearing them from many interesting people she meets. 


Episode 8:  Rachel Cockburn Buhl - After being admitted as a Barrister & Solicitor in New Zealand, Rachel declined general commercial practice & specialised in trademarks in the litigation team of a boutique IP firm.  She continued in private practice in London, before moving in-house at Orange telecommunications to work in global brand portfolio strategy, development & licensing. Rachel now heads the Global Brand IP team at Ferring in Switzerland. Listen to what led Rachel through these experiences and how she views leadership and diversity.


Episode 13: David Lipkus is a father of an 8-year old son, and 6-year old daughter.  He loves playing and watching sports with his kids. When he is not going out for Mexican food with his wife, he is active in educating law enforcement, customs, investigators and others about the impact of piracy\counterfeiting, and previously testified before Canadian Parliament at the House of Commons and Senate on strengthening anti-counterfeiting laws and procedures in Canada. He is most excited to start travelling and networking with colleagues in-person once we can all get back to ‘normal’!